Apple tree dating theory

14-Sep-2017 18:14

The apple slice was food for the deceased in more ways than one.Uses The juice from the apple is used in wines, oils, potions, incenses, furniture making though this was more limited as it is a softwood tree. Isaac Newton (1726) contemplating a falling apple in the grounds of Woolsthorpe Manor.He slept outdoors, walked barefoot, wore sack clothing and a tin pot hat, which he also used for cooking.In one hand he had a bible and in his pocked apple seeds. The tree has also been associated with the Biblical story, as the tree of good and evil.It’s one of the best-loved and most often-repeated tales of scientific discovery: the “Eureka” moment when 17th century physicist Isaac Newton discovered gravitational force while watching an apple fall from a tree in his mother’s garden in Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire.

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The apples vary in colour from green, yellow and red.The bark is brown and scaly, and at around 5-6 years old the tree begins to bear fruit.