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10-Aug-2017 13:23

It is a crucial step in efforts to reduce health care–associated influenza infections.

It is important not to rely solely on influenza immunization of HCP for prevention of nosocomial transmission.

There is no truth to a satirical article that Iceland decided to implement a law that demanded mental health warnings on Bibles.

“Laughing in Disbelief” published the entry on its blog on Oct.

The authors concluded that the benefits of immunizing HCP outweigh possible harms and can increase patient safety.

Although the study did not address costs, it is likely that the law resulted in lower worker’s compensation costs because employment grew by 15 percent whereas injuries per employed nurse dropped by 30 percent.

In scientific language, California was the “intervention group” and the other 49 states were the “control group.” The subtracted difference for California was more than 30 percent larger than the difference for the other 49 states for both registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced that it will require federal agencies to use DMARC email security and HTTPS, to protect employees and those corresponding with the federal government.

Assistant DHS Secretary Jeanette Manfra announced that the department would issue a binding directive requiring agencies to use the two security protocols.

A DMARC policy thwarts cyber-criminals who hack into user accounts and then scrape the address books; they then use a different server to spoof messages from the hacked user to his or her own contacts.

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