Updating autostar controller

08-Sep-2017 08:30

Apparently this can occur during installation of many programs.

heres not a whole lot you can say that hasn't already been said about the Autostar controller.

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The ability to change these ratios in the Autostar allows the use of a wide range of worm gear sizes to be used in building a Go To mount.1.36889 To calculate new ratios for the DS motors take the known ratio of 1.36889 and divide by 60.

So there is no need to record the settings before changing them. Select a Telescope Model in accordance to what motors are being used ( DS , LXD, 114EQ/4504 ).

After powering up the Autostar and getting past the time and date you will need to: 1. If using DS motors you may select any DS or ETX model telescope.

Just change the or - at the beginning of the ratio.

: To use the Autostar controller with a GEM / EQ mount it will require a patch downloaded to the Autostar.If you do check the ratios to see if they are correct just press the mode key to escape. If you are using the Meade LX 90 settings for your mount you will notice the Az axis slews the wrong direction.