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My spouse was raised in Isan and indoctrinated to believe that she (1.) spoke Isan Thai, not Lao and (2) that it is an inferior Thai.

It wasn't until she actually studied Lao language forms for a MA in Linguistics did she begin to feel some form of pride and satisfaction in the Lao language.

In China’s southwestern Yunnan province, a drive from Kunming to Jinghong, the Dai cultural capital of Sipsongpanna (Xishuangbanna) prefecture took up to 24 hours and another six hours to the Lao PDR border at Boten.

China completed its portion of the highway to in late 2007.

Gene Mesher CSUS, Sacramento, CA My wife is Isan, and as she describes it, Isan and Lao are mutually intelligible, but not identical. When modern education came in, the Lao of now-Laos and of Isaan diverged.

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Improvements to Thailand’s R3 highway system which will link Chiang Rai province to all points in Thailand is ongoing but far from complete.We completed the tiresome 10 hour drive only after averting a serious accident and certain death when the truck spun out of control nearly pitched over a 400 meter cliffside.China, Thailand, and the Asian Development Bank invested equal thirds in the Laos portion of the highway which opened in 2010 and dropped transportation time to three hours.On September 23, NT1PC entered into PPAs with EGAT and EDL to supply 514.3MW power to EGAT and additional 130MW to EDL for 27 years starting from the commercial operation date in 2022.

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What exactly is the difference between Thai-lao or Isan and the Lao language? I've heard some say that they are different and others say they are essentially the same.

Of these, several provinces of Thailand that border Laos such as Nangkhai and Yasothorn have less Lao resembling tone patterns than Chaiyaphum.

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