William moseley and georgie henley dating

30-Jun-2017 03:57

Pictures and news of William and Georgia were all over the media of them hugging, holding hands and kissing. But later it was cleared out that they were just close friends and were not dating.

She was in the news when she faked her account in a social site.

The two are clearly comfortable with each another, passing questions between them and throwing nudges and knowing glances once in a while.

When Georgie refers to William as being like her older brother in real life, you believe it.

Georgie Henley stated that William Moseley is like the older brother she has never had.

She had a small crush on the other brother, Skandar Keynes, but that was when she was 10 years old.

When you’re doing a junket and two actors come into the room together, it’s sometimes a frustrating experience—one will take all the questions while the other sits back, or sometimes they’ll even joke with each other rather than answer anything.

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Georgia is not active on social sites and has an official Twitter account. Her official page is not also on Facebook though you can see her fan pages on these social sites, where you can follow it to get latest updates on her.

Hair blonde and long hair complement every outfit she wears.