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20-Aug-2017 17:37

Their account had been breached for the second time.

Halpert said Fido eventually agreed to reimburse her lost reward points.

A total of 51 per cent of all cybercrimes included in the report involved some type of online fraud.

One expert suspects many more incidents go unreported.

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Unfortunately, some lowlife hackers may be hijacking the feature in a number of the most popular browsers and jeopardizing your web experience.

Basically, scammers are putting hidden text boxes onto websites that are "auto-completed" on the sly with things like your address and credit card number, when all you thought you were doing was submitting your name or email address. The potential for such a phishing scam was first discovered by a Finnish developer, who realized that it's fairly simple to poach info from people by planting rogue text boxes on a particular target page.

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That's because many browsers' autofill systems work by automatically plugging in pertinent stored info -- your mailing address, phone numbers, credit cards, etc. By attempting the scheme himself, he found that would-be scammers could simply add additional "hidden" boxes to the page, and trick people into giving away more info than they intended to.

Affected browsers include biggies like Chrome, Safari, and Opera, as well as extensions like the password manager/form filler Last Pass, which is perhaps an even more obvious target.

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Listings posted in Zumper Pro appear on Pad Mapper, Zumper, and our partner sites. Listings posted in Zumper Pro appear on Pad Mapper, Zumper, and our partner sites."What we're seeing is that people are becoming more aware of cybercrimes," said Lt. "People would not file complaints for many of these crimes in the past, but they are now." While fraud accounts for the largest portion of cybercrimes in Quebec, the term includes other crimes that are connected with the digital world.

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