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He also completed duties as the station's public affairs director, and hosted a Sunday morning talk show which he favored above playing records At the same time, local rival station WHCN had assembled tapes and press clippings of Stern and forwarded them to Burkhart/Abrams, a radio consulting firm, in an effort to get Stern out of the Hartford market as a rise in his ratings increased his threat to the station's numbers.

In his search for new work, Stern found an advertised position in Radio & Records for a morning host at WWWW, a struggling rock station in Detroit, Michigan.

In 2012, Stern was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

From the age of nine to his second year at university, Stern spent his summers at Camp Wel-Met, a youth camp in Narrowsburg, New York where he worked camper, kitchen, and counselor duties. Looking at how my father was so reverential to those people, I thought that maybe he could look at me with that kind of respect if I could get behind a microphone.

After four hours on the air, he voiced and produced commercials for another four.

On Saturdays, following a six-hour show, he did production work for the next three.

He recalled his time there as "the greatest experience". His father set up a microphone, tape machine and turntable in the basement of his home which Stern used to record his own make believe radio shows, incorporating different characters and pre-recorded prank calls, sketches, and commercials.

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Despite the success, WWWW continued to decline in the ratings and failed to overtake the three more popular rock stations in the area.

During his time relocating from Detroit, Stern spent several weeks planning out a new show, determined to become more successful as the station presented a good chance for him to work in New York City, his career goal. I was going to say whatever the fuck I was going to say ... He sought a co-host with a sense of humor to riff with on news and current events.

Stern "kept chipping away at management's archaic approach and we began to assemble the program I had envisioned", which included the addition of Norris as his writer and producer.

In 1985, Stern began a 20-year run at WXRK in New York City; his morning show entered syndication in 1986 and aired in 60 markets and attracted 20 million listeners at its peak.

Stern won numerous industry awards, including Billboard’s Nationally Syndicated Air Personality of the Year eight consecutive times, and is the first to have the number one morning show in New York City and Los Angeles simultaneously.He landed his first radio jobs while at Boston University.