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During his Latin American trip, Pope Francis has occasionally mentioned a city in Brazil named Aparecida.

In the footnotes of many of his writings, he mentions a document drafted in Aparecida.

The complicated nature in the relationship was evident in the gifts they exchanged: Mr.

Morales gave the pope a wooden cross carved in the shape of a hammer and sickle, the emblem of global communism. Morales a copy of "Laudato Si'," his environmental encyclical.

This time, we in the English-language group want him to discuss his remarks about capitalism.

We want to know if he is attacking the American way of life.

During his first on-flight press conference, Francis was asked about homosexuals and famously responded, "Who am I to judge?

It is where clues to the current Francis agenda can be found.Ultimately, Pope Benedict XVI was selected, but Cardinal Bergoglio finished second.He had come close to the papacy, but left that conclave as a 68-year-old cardinal returning to Argentina to presumably live out his days. In 2007, the Latin American bishops held an important meeting at the Marian shrine in Aparecida, the largest pilgrimage site in Latin America, by some estimates attracting 10 million pilgrims a year.They are two men with reason to be wary of one another – yet who, for different reasons, are working to cultivate a relationship. Morales is a fiery leftist, born to a poor Aymara indigenous family, who has long been contemptuous of the Roman Catholic Church and its history of complicity in oppressing the indigenous populations in Bolivia. “He who betrays a poor person, betrays Pope Francis,” Mr. Francis has returned the good will, lauding Bolivia for making “important steps” in the country’s “economic, social and political life,” while praising the values and importance of indigenous culture during his visit.

But he has also stressed the critical role that the church can, and must, play in Bolivia.Usually, it is Italian, but with so many Spanish speakers on board, the decision was to do both (which makes translating things trickier).