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She turned it down to stay home and raise Liv, who was starting high school, beginning a modeling career, and watching the public discover who her father was. Believe me, I became a vegetarian from being a teenager in the meatpacking district. I am a rock-and-roll machine and I don’t have an expiration date. I guess some would call that irresponsible these days, but when we were young, it was more of a live-for-today attitude. I can’t imagine why anybody would have a problem with that. Eric Clapton played Madison Square Garden and invited Todd to come up and jam at the end of the night.

(Buell had kept it secret from Liv throughout her childhood, until her dad was sober.) Now she’s about to release her first big-deal album, ; face-melting New York–area gigs are soon to follow: the Stone Pony in Asbury Park on October 8, Hiro Ballroom on October 12, and Irving Plaza on December 15. These are the outtakes, including her very strong opinions on Dina Lohan and Courtney Love, why she has a right to rock until old age, and bikini waxing. Back in those days, there were cows going by on hooks. It’s important to me that people listen to it; you’ll understand me a little better. That is how I met Todd Rundgren and Andy Warhol and [photographer] Bob Gruen.

With the help of her gifted friends, she released her first EP, Cover Girls, in 1980, with The Cars serving as her backing band on a couple songs.

Her music career never really turned heads, but the passion was clearly genuine.

I mean who doesn't want to hang out with musicians?

Because that's what groupies do, that's the original meaning for it anyway.

Did you know that Paste owns the world’s largest collection of live music recordings? And what’s even crazier, it’s all free—hundreds of thousands of exclusive songs, concerts and videos that you can listen to and watch right here at Paste.com, from Louis Armstrong to The Who to U2 to Wilco.

Every day, we’ll dig through the archive to find the coolest recording we have from that date in history. Bebe Buell was basically the Kim Kardashian of the 1970s: famous in large part because she was beautiful and surrounded herself with beautiful, talented people.

She was just 17, you know what I mean, when she caught the eye of Todd Rundgren and thus began her rock and roll life.Quickly, she became a regular at Max’s Kansas City, a regular haunt for rock stars and wannabes of the time.

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