Common dating site questions

11-Aug-2017 00:18

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If, on results day, your conditional offer turns into a rejection on Ucas Track, the university will already have scrutinised your results carefully and it’s unlikely they will now accept you.

If you got the grades you need for your insurance offer, then you can accept that; if not, you can choose to enter Clearing to apply to an alternative university.

The Student Room is a great place to seek views from a wide range of knowledgeable people quickly, including universities and trained advisors.

If you feel your results aren’t quite right and you were very close to achieving the necessary grades to get into your chosen university, you can apply for a priority remark.

You’ve worked hard and making a decision about your future is tough.

As almost 260,000 eager students wait for their exam results arriving early tomorrow morning – which will determine the course of their future – some may be seeking reassurance to those all-important last-minute questions.

Here are the most common ones answered to ensure a smooth results day: Definitely.

It’s important not to rush into something if you aren’t sure, and one option is to take some time out of education with a gap year.

You can use it to go travelling and gain life experiences, or to enter the world of work and try out a career.

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