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The burgesses responded not only by making the county pay for the war's expense, but also by passing legislation in September 1663 that required the Patawomeck to return any English hostages.Two years later the assembly reserved to the governor the power to appoint all tribal and required that the Patawomeck sell all of their remaining land for the site of a fort.When Spelman fled Powhatan's custody, the Patawomeck subchief Iopassus gave him refuge in the town of Passapatanzy.Around the same time the English, at the beginning of what would be a starving winter, sent , with corn. Rountree has argued stemmed from West's contempt for the Indians—resulted in the beheading of two Patawomeck.Giles Brent received similar permission for land along Aquia Creek.By then many Patawomeck Indians had either died of disease or moved away, leaving the planters of Westmoreland County eager to take advantage of the tribe's relative weakness.By 1607, when the first English colonists arrived at Jamestown, the Patawomeck lived north of Accokeek Creek on the south bank of the Potomac River.Their principal town, surrounded by a palisade, was Patawomeck.

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In 1619, Opechancanough likely began pressuring the Patawomeck to participate in a planned attack against English settlements.On March 27, 1623, the Nacotchtank Indians, neighbors of the Patawomeck, beheaded Henry Spelman, who was on a trading mission.

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