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When we finally got a guy, we had to share with two other backpacker dipshits from Canada. Please shut the fuck up so I can concentrate on not pissing myself every time we go over a bump. My only comment is that there was a life size Porcelain Boxer (the dog) that was really cool in the entryway. All the advice, everything I was told from both my friend and Lavidaloca was not to stay in this area. I wasn’t happy about it but there wasn’t much I could do. Moving on….) And this is why I say all Cuban girls are whores. There’s no wiring money in, there’s no paypal, nothing. I had to rely on THC for money and he was near the end of his own money. A few do here and there but when you really want to get something hard to find, if you don’t have functional Spanish, you are functionally fucked. These chicks often know zero English, it would have been a lot smoother for me if my Spanish was better. They want so badly to connect with you, that they will say anything.These guys were dressed like they were going mountaineering and one of them was trying to regal the car with one of his “interesting” travel stories. Is carrying a bag you have to take everything out of every time you need something and then repack it better than a suitcase with wheels? Do you think I give a flying fuck about your hasty ride in a shitty pickup to the airport in whereverthefuck India? By now you can figure out that the 1st place we go to didn’t have rooms, and even though we were literally blocks from where these two back packing idiots were staying, we had to pay as if it was just the two of us and could not share the fair (the only thing I figured these guys were good for). It was sort of like staying in the Twilight Zone, only with worse dreams. There were two rooms and even though I had no money, I was of course stuck paying double what the other room cost. I have no idea how that thing was so intact and unscathed. (Over the next 6 weeks I found myself beyond frustrated as I was saying over and over “yeah, this is what I said would happen, you guys don’t listen”. We were in the part of town where most tourists end up, and girls walking with guys just normally will be pimped out by there brothers if they see you looking at her. It’s actually one of the reasons I ended my Central America tour. The Cuban men are worse than the Cuban girls because they don’t have sex appeal to try and speak with you.You will see many Cubans wearing shirts with names of distant places. Not at all like Dominicans taking forever to look up from their phones. 20Nation was giving us all sorts of warnings about being snatched off the street and harassed by them but it turned out to be completely untrue. I got a few decent workouts in including one in a gym with cement weights and dirt floors. Cuba Libres, Mojito’s and Casicque beer is delicious. If you go to Cuba, do it for the cultural experience.The place has been in a time capsule for 60 years or whatever.We waited for a taxi for another excruciating amount of time. Don’t show up unless you have a decent level of Spanish.I had to take a piss so bad my back teeth were floating. Most of the people there don’t have functional English.

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Supposedly there are Cuban girls that aren’t hookers but I never saw any evidence of it.He gave me a useful website that had listings for “casa particulars” that was in Spanish and gave the area, amount of costs, and emails to contacts renting things out. Although I did have some reservations about putting my passport details in the Cubana Air website… Just like that, I went from high roller with a decent bank roll to penniless degenerate. After that interesting piece of news it was time to get some info.A “casa particular” is just a room or apartment that a person rents out. I decided I was too sly for that and went to a Bank in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and pulled out 2000 USD worth of Dominican Pesos. The cost was around 250 Dollars if memory serves for a one way ticket and maybe 2 weeks notice. On the whole Island of Cuba, no bank would accept Dominican Pesos. Generally what I have discovered as a good technique not to be ripped off by taxis, is to ask a nearby person with no money interests with the taxis in the airport what the rates are for different destinations within the city.They understand this can be confusing to people and will try and charge you one Cu C when something is one Pesos in Money Nacional. It was fun but I felt bad for showing him the gulf that existed between where he was and where he wanted to be. Food is cheap if you eat in a proper Palador (If one looks fancy and has a bunch of white people eating in it, it’s a rip off that some Cuban lured a dumbass gringo to for their commission).

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Verify things are in Cu C or Pesos when paying for things. That’s one good thing about not having much money, I was forced to really integrate with the locals.Cuban girls are some of the most sexy I have seen when it comes to Latinas.

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