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04-Oct-2017 07:47

I found that drama lacking towards the end and really got tired of the on again off again relationship. My favorite character was actually Yu In-Young's, she's so beautiful and her character was more interesting than most of the others. There are so many funny scenes when it comes to Young Hoo and Jo Eun with Joon Sung and Ji Woong.

For those who haven't watch it, I really recommend this drama.

OST is awesome...., story is good....,after many days watched good Korean drama...expecting like these romantic roles from so ji sub.... during the whole one hour of each episode you really need not to think what happens next because you know it is gonna be fine in the end. and kudos and huge thanks to the rest of the cast and crew. Great hilarious drama, read some of the comments but this drama doesn't require unnecessary tension n all those other people are mentioning, natural acting, simple beautiful story that more realistic, dealing with issues of obesity, pain,... You can see that finally SJS is enjoying the show, I have not seen him smile this much in any of his other previous dramas. I really enjoy watching this one of my top romantic comedy drama.....i love the chemistry of both main lead, i wish that it didn't end, i was cried at the last episodes because of their love for each other. Until he met KJE.begun to slowly adapted to colourful life. full of emotions, happy and sad yet so light that keep me eyes smiling hahaha ..

I don't get t, don't these stories have a right to b written for dramas, who says that things are always that complicated in life, for me, this drama is way too realistic.. The love faces he makes when he looks at SMA are very natural ( Is he really in love? Even during the moments of pain, you can see that love is what moves them. SMA and Ju Ji-Hoon they're so hot together; SJS and HJM i'm sure girls will giggle again. This is a recommended drama for those who want to watch romantic scenes, good vibes and tears of joy!!! Since" kang ju eun day".robotic life..always follow the because of cancer ..spend most of his time in hospital since childhood.why his opinion " healthy more sexier".character was expressionless bc .lack of Love from his father .hard,cold,stiff,expressionless.only person he ever closed to was chief min.seong and Ji young.(bromance) their relationships so special and sooo..touching..Kang ju eun was the best that ever happened to them..there so much to say about this drama.the summary .. OMV is one of best i ever watched beside Healer, The heirs..bravo to all the character.supporting roles to main roles.the " proposal part" OMG!!! really unexpected ending, as if want to say much in little time left and 26 extra kilo for 1st trimester pregnancy is a little too much hihi ..

Such a wonderful drama...was light and touching...beautiful.... But there are plot gaps and writing lapses: the friends would have called her, for pete's sake; production team apparently didn't know what to do with the conclusion; and the second leads are annoying and boring.

There are less of the damsel in distress and self-pity and concentrates more on making the story flow (without having every single characters need to be insecure all the time). I do suggest watching it without depending too much on rating as highly rated drama does not equal for it to be superb :) SJS.... cuteness, sexiness & handsomeness all over the place... a job well done to all the actors and actresses The plot and the story was not strong but there were many good points in the story.

I liked that the writer portrayed a love that was mature for example she was willing to give him time to be away and not be insecure about his love for her.

loved every episode....henry was my main reason to watch this but I loved all the characters..were wonderful....thanks to henry oppa and sung hoon oppa for making my laugh so many times...waiting to see u in more dramas:) One of the best..healthiest emotional Intelligence couple..n straight n honest conversation ever in Korean dramas.. But even the weaknesses cannot distract from SJS and SMA.

I enjoy watching esp the sizzling chemistry BTW the top.. I could have happily watched them and their friends only and skipped everyone else. Most of all, I love every soundtrack in every characters.Now, he overcomes his problems with patience and stubbornness. Weak story, weak dialogue, terrible pacing and questionable directing. I must be one of the few people in the comment section that actually didn't like this drama at all. Shin Min Ah is so adorable being chubby than when slimmer. im still stuck at epi 6 and i cant even finish it cause it really bores me..

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