Bernie kosar dating

14-Aug-2017 12:50

As if it was an investment portfolio, and he´s, well you know. He went through more Defensive Backs, than a Canadian bordello, in trying to complete this All Star cast. Lets not mention, the disciplinary actions on the young hot shot Titus Young, for lining up in the wrong spot. Which most Detroit medialists were absolutely convinced, would cruise to the Super Bowl, with a few choice, high prized and priced additions. that had to be the weakest free agency and draft in recent history. Or, the novelty one year, entirely voluntary, application of the honorable franchise tag to the unruly Cliff Avril, for one year! The Lions President spelled Matt Millen in 2008, following the famous 0-16 season. He´s implemented a blue collarish, financial frugality plan, to keep the inexplicably talented roster, in check. The GM of the Detroit Lions is a former NFL CB, and founding member of the Midgetball League.

He said it's "somewhat of a tough spot for Johnny given this team and given this organization.It's just a complete recipe for a disaster."You can't put these kids (the quarterbacks) in these spots. If you're going to keep running it the way we're running it, we may as well do nothing (to fix the quarterback situation), because you'll kill two more kids coming in here. It does not matter right now.''He added: "We've had a headache.I've had a headache for 15 years with this and it's not stopping.It's getting worse."Pettine stressed that he's been a longtime fan of Kosar's but that his remarks "could be further from the truth.'' "I think that's a little dramatic,'' he said. Sometimes guys will make comments that are a little bit over the top."I have a lot of respect for Bernie.

He was one of my favorite guys growing up - heck of a quarterback - and he's entitled to his opinion. As much as we want that to happen, it is a process.''Pettine had the Browns all alone in first place in the AFC North at 6-3 until they've lost four of their last five."When you build a house, you have to build it from the foundation,'' he said.Take a look a Cleveland’s remaining schedule and try to find one surefire win. And it’s not like the Browns have a bye week coming up to rest and regroup: Cleveland gets the last possible bye week this season, Week 13 in December.