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Mathew arrived at 8 pm, he greeted Carmella with a kiss and shook my hand, and he seemed a bit nervous.We went into the living room that overlooked our large garden.I could see her tongue working and she moved her hand up and down the shaft.Gradually she swallowed at least 6 inches into her mouth, after that it was classic sucking, tonguing and masturbating. I was naked too and hard, my cock looked puny against Mathew’s.I could hardly control my excitement at the thought of seeing Carmella take his monster cock.I wondered what it would be like to fuck her afterwards; I was afraid that after such a huge cock she wouldn’t even feel my dick inside!

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We also curtailed our sex games and Carmella also found out that Rachel had had sex with Mathew and thoroughly recommended him, which encouraged Carmella to look forward even more to the day. We had a light meal, about 7 pm; we both had a shower and got ready for the evening’s pleasure.She then asked me whether I ever wish my fantasy come true. He was always hungry for sex and he had over 9 inches cock, I had always been very envious. Giving her what she wanted made me feel wild and horny and I came, she convulsed with her usual orgasm, after that we fell asleep cuddled together.