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16-Sep-2017 01:04

We install advanced equipment that brings down your energy costs and reduces your carbon footprint.Propane is a versatile, affordable fuel that can be safely used throughout your home for heating, water heating, cooking, and much more.It just might help those struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.As Larry Wilmore said on the after the Orlando shooting, “unlike other minority groups in America, LGBT people aren’t born into a home or a family that shares their minority experience.” A majority of LGBTQ people can’t simply turn to their family for support, so they turn to fictional characters, but it’s a real kick in the face when we see all of these characters become neglected.TV Tropes (tvtropes.org) describes the trope as one where “gay characters just aren’t allowed happy endings.” While it makes sense that in older works this might have been more prevalent–especially with lesbian pulp fiction where one author was told that the gay characters were not allowed happy endings–it seems like there is no need for it in 2016.

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It does get discouraging though, when all the people you look at are dying or unhappy.

It’s not progressive to show a lesbian character, hype her, bring in a huge LGBTQ audience, and then simply kill her off.

It’s not progressive when we are only included to be killed.

Killing queer women has become so common that it has its own trope: Bury Your Gays.

The trope Bury Your Gays goes back centuries, and is unfortunately still in full use today.

The churches of a bygone era were focused on the preaching as the only means of getting the truth of God's word out and for the edification of the saints.