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15-Nov-2017 22:54

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This makes me think I need to find women with a professional career because chances are they know what they want.

My friends have also told me I need someone with a good career. Do you have any advice or general suggestions on what I should change about my approach towards dating so I can find this type of woman?

Without making sweeping generalizations I have noticed that many career-oriented, professional women tend to be very physically active.

You might find them at a cycling club, Cross Fit, boot camps, Sierra hiking clubs etc.

I know some incredible women who take sailing classes and play on recreational soccer teams.

My partner played in a large San Francisco based women’s league and half her teammates graduated from Ivy League universities.

Any advice or thoughts you can offer would be great.

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I'm looking for someone professional and well rounded.One of my biggest problems now is trusting someone enough to have a meaningful relationship.