Podcast not updating

08-Jul-2017 08:25

In many cases, themes or plugins are written where they modify the_content or the_excerpt after the fact, damaging the code Power Press inserted into the content.Other times, the theme has special code to handle the content in it’s own way which circumvents the the_content/the_excerpt filters all together.More than likely the issue is not caused by Power Press.Keep in mind that Power Press adds functionality to Word Press.It does not contain code to purposely make feeds or pages not work.Based on rules set by Word Press.org, Power Press inserts additional meta data in both Word Press feeds and pages in order to provide the functionality required for podcasting. Via code, Power Press asks Word Press to create a podcast only feed for you.Try switching your site to the packaged twentytwelve / twentythirteen theme that comes with Word Press.

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We recommend disabling plugins in the following order: If you get to the point where you only have the Power Press plugin enabled, then there may be a conflict with your theme.

From time to time Power Press may not function as desired in your blog.

A majority of the time, the issue is caused by a conflict with another theme or plugin.

The diagnosing instruction above were written so you can discover what theme or plugin is causing the conflict.

: Web server caching, the act of making a copy of the URL to improve the performance of the web server, plays a large role in diagnosing issues.You must clear your web browser cache between each change to your site before testing the page or feed.

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