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I saw her shoulder muscles relax and her magnificent bosom rising and falling slower with each passing moment. I saw she was getting excited "Told you I was good. She lazily reached out and started playing with my cock. "That would be Jim, he's harmless." "Useless, you mean. When he does it's for Facebook chatting or internet surfing." "Shit.At last, her eyes closed and a tiny smile, one of true contentment, spread across her luscious lips. He's getting the ax by the end of this month." I stopped massaging. Jasmine, the guy has new twins." I leaned so I was level with her face. He got a mortgage and a family of five to provide for, you cannot do this.A swell guy with a lot of patience for strangers with odd requests (Like editing weird stories written on the other side of the globe). Andy's name was on the list of the people relocating from the East Coast. " "New Yorkers' genes." "Same thing." I stepped on the couch, my legs spread and positioned myself above the monster head. @@@@@@@@@@@@@ "Look, it can't go on like this." Sue sounded worried on the phone, it made me feel a little better. " "She tried to find out if something is wrong between us and if that's the reason you've been holing out for two weeks." "What did you say? Yet, Jasmine couldn't have been responsible for that. Those cherries are great but they won't make me come." "Fuck." "Exactly." She opened her mouth and I placed another cherry in there. Your boss called." The good feeling disappeared and a cold hand grabbed my heart. My mobile sang "Hi, Sue, I'm busy right now can I get back to you? "Ian, you got to come right now." Sue was sobbing hysterically. Jasmine was perched on the sofa with a smug smile from ear to ear. "That was my girlfriend on the phone." "Terrible thing illegal aliens. You should from now on let me finish before you jump." "Sure." "Nadine is a friend and a big-shot in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency." "The ICE? "She's the only thing between Sue's mom and detention and deportation, but once she leaves the office for the weekend, camping in Yellowstone, there would be nothing she could do until Monday. Jasmine was in my kitchen, rummaging through the fridge. " "I've got some cherries." "Great." Jasmine went back to the living room and stretched her long figure on the sofa with both legs on the short living room wooden table. I handed her a bowl of cherries but she pushed my hand away. "Stop that, I ain't gonna be your puppet anymore." I handed her the page I just printed. Sifting through my mailbox, I found the email she referred to. A beautiful rose tattoo hid between them, visible fully only to anyone bold enough to delve. Jasmine's nipple was dark in color and very much erect.

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Just a second." I shouted at the unseen knocker who was growing impatient. It will be bigger than that 'Charlie did my finger' thing. Oh forget it you'll just say anything to get me on edge. Three guesses as to who your brother's new boss is." "You're lying." "Check your email for the details. Those magnificent mounds were the best part of "The Jasmine Show". Tell me how beautiful they are." "They should be bronzed." "Yeh, baby. I could kiss them forever." I sunk my mouth on the other nipple. "Slam dunk" She slammed me down hard and rotated upward, impaling me so deep that her hilt was fully buried and her testicles were mashed against my bottom. "That's for being such a lying bunny." "I didn't..." "Shhhhhhh." She put her finger to my lips and wiped some tears. "Jasmine, I envy your cock." She opened her eyes and winked at me. "You're on the verge, Jasmine." "Wait, sweetie." "I want you, Jasmine." "No, baby, wait." "I'm in love with you. "Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhh." She closed her eyes and rotated her pelvis upward, thrusting with brutal force, fast and deep. The first spurt of jism felt like triumph in my tortured anus. I don't want any excuses this time." "Sure." "After I knock you off your feet, that is." "Sounds promising. "So the rumors of your death have been greatly exaggerated." Blood cells freeze at minus three degrees Celsius. She must have brought Antarctica with her because mine sure did. " She wore a white leather trench coat that ended just above the knees and shiny black high boots with impressive heels. "It's amazing what you can do with I-phones." "You have cameras in all the mirrors." I said. I think this is going to be a new You Tube number one hit. "Including that movie that can be very embarrassing? It's going to ruin both of us and I don't believe you'll use it." "Don't count on it. The eastern management were quite happy to take their hands off it. Her beautiful green eyes were mesmerized on my face and she was breathing hard. Why not just send Jasmine back to the pit she crawled from? "Adore them." "God, they're beautiful." "You can do better than that." . Her palms roamed my body and squeezed my ass cheeks. I want your beautiful cock deep inside my ass." "Ok." She put her palms on my hips. The huge rod was scraping my prostate and again, despite the pain, I was hard as a rock. "I want you bad, Jasmine." "I can see you do, little bunny. Tell me how beautiful I am." Up I rose and felt my bowels turn inside out. She looked so beautiful when she was on the edge, angelic. "Oh, Oh, baby, wait, wait." Her eyes closed and she gave a powerful gasp. "Ahhhhh, baby." I pretended her cock was a massive turd, one I would love to feel go out of me, and pushed. My anal ring hugged her cock, making my anal chute even tighter. Even though she tried to control it, her breath became more ecstatic. As if there is not enough crap on TV." "Ok, but I'll be coming tonight and I'm gonna put you back up on your feet. When I came back to the living room Jasmine was sitting comfortably on the sofa, her long legs on the wooden table. "I added the cheesy porno effects and soundtrack." Jasmine smiled. "Fuck you." "Plenty of time for that later." "Just take the fucking letter." She took it and almost grabbed my hand but I avoided it at the last second. " "I called my brother and he's happy with his current job and withdrew his transfer request. I'm going to resign and you're a fucking liar and there ain't no fucking thing you can do to me. I'm not falling for that anymore." She yawned or pretended to. " "His entire project was transferred yesterday to a new location. It wasn't my fault; Sue's mom was having a bad day. Maybe the position was easier and maybe my hole got a little less tight. She pulled my head and squashed it against her marvelous tits. Our lips merged and our tongues twirled like love-making snakes. "Say it, I want to hear you say my name and ask for it." "Jasmine, please impale me. For the time being pretense is good enough." "So why did you...? I controlled the movement, making sure the huge head didn't pop out. Slower." She grabbed my hips and stopped my descent. The men in the office drool when they talk of you." That wasn't actually a lie, though I bet most would feel less enthusiastic once they find out how she indulges herself. She was breathing and sweating hard and it was obvious she was concentrating on not coming. It was the first time I was on top of the situation, and despite the pain, it made me feel good. At last she collapsed and rested her forehead on my shoulder.She forced me to undress, wear a flower-decorated apron and to serve us both a romantic dinner (which she brought from Marsha's).

I got as far as making the table and lighting the scented candles when she jumped me, claiming I was just too hot to resist with my naked butt.

" "The same bullshit that's you've been selling me. She was powerful, but this sort of strategic decision cannot be just the whim of a single manager. You're not making any sense." "Two guys from the ICE came to her factory this afternoon and arrested her, they're going to put her in detention and deport her." "Calm down, Sue, was it a routine check or did they specifically come for her? " I heard her shouting at someone in Chinese or Korean at the other send of the line. " "Sure, I will, let me arrange some things first." I closed the phone and went back to the living room. How the hell I don't know, but I will." I ran to the bathroom and dumped everything from the closet on the floor. I had honey flavor body lotion, left by Sue one day. Jasmine grabbed both the fruit and my fingers and sucked both for awhile. " "Aha." She chewed and spat the seed on the table. " "You didn't bring me anything to put it in." "Are you calling your friend, Nadine? I went back to get the lotion which I left in the kitchen.

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