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27-Jun-2017 22:44

And if a person rips you off they’re cheating you out of money and charging you a lot more than you should be paying for example: tourists often get ripped off by locals because the locals want to make money and the tourists have no idea. It would be a shame if you didn’t get the job because you used slang talk – that would be an epic fail! Then Fluent U is about to become your new favorite learning tool.

That t-shirt is a complete rip off which means that it is way too expensive for what it is. ”Example 2)“How much did you buy your wheels for bro? Slang is mainly used around your friends (buddies) and people you’re familiar with (family etc).

But if I don’t pass Coach Jones is going to kick me off the team! To be hooked on something (verb) If you’re hooked on something or just hooked, it means that you’re addicted to something and you can’t get enough. But it can be used to mean something completely different – it means to be in fashion or trending at the moment. In this case it has a similar meaning to the word awesome, however, you probably will only hear teenagers and college students saying this – oh and maybe those Californian surfers! Did you hear a new slang word that you didn’t understand well? ” Epic Fail (noun) The word epic means ‘huge’ and you know what the word ‘fail’ already means. These videos are taken from the internet, television programs, movies, news shows, cartoons and more.