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10-Jul-2017 07:22

I'm in my forties; I've been a widower for seven years.Adriana is nineteen; no problem there you probably think, but the thing is Adriana is my son's girlfriend.I had that strange feeling and I looked up and to my left, towards the living room door, and with a huge jolt of disbelief I saw Adriana watching me. My cock was huge in my fist, but my orgasm had been rudely interrupted. I'd explain, I needed sex, everyone masturbated, and I missed my wife... I don't know what it is, but I can just tell by looking.Half a dozen scenarios played through my mind all at once. I hadn't just been caught pulling my cock by my son's girlfriend. Adriana would soon turn and run from the room in horror. Adriana is a tall, slim girl with an exquisite figure.It was one of my masturbatory soirees that led to my son's girlfriend Adriana, catching me mid-wank. My son had gone to work and I thought that I had the house to myself. The video was playing and I had a whole day stretching ahead with no one to disturb my time. I was sat in my armchair watching one of the old Color Climax flicks from the seventies.My cock was huge in my fist and I was close to shooting my load.Fucking your son's girlfriend isn't the best moral choice anyone can make. I found my old man's stash of videos and sat mesmerised, my eyes - and cock - bulging as I stared at what became my old favourites.

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She wore the current style of clothes so typical of today's Modern Miss.Her plump vulva looked positively edible and the thin strip of precisely razored pubic hair made my previously wilted cock twitch with renewed interest. The shock of her accented statement sent an arterial burst of excitement through me as I began to recover my senses. Now she was naked in front of me and was admitting quite clearly that watching me wank turned her on.Also, the signals were as clear as she could make them about what she wanted; by the way she flagrantly exposed herself to me when she pulled off the tshirt she'd been wearing.Her labia were positively gooey with the syrup that was dribbling from her body.

I fingered the loose folds of Adriana's labia for a few moments and then smeared a little of her juice over the stiff tip of her clitoris.

I built up a minor collection of DVD's over a period of months and years.

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