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As the happy couple ride into the night towards the Valley Sheraton, Julie removes Tommy's I. bracelet, which had been a sign of the relationship between the two during the entire film, and throws it out the window.The scene, which echoes the final scene of the film The Graduate, pans to the overview of the Valley, while the limo turns past the Sherman Oaks Galleria glowing in the night.When Julie enters, Randy convinces her to leave the party with him.Julie brings a reluctant Stacey along for the ride with Randy and Fred.Randy knocks Tommy out, then escorts a thrilled Julie from the stage through the crowd.Tommy recovers and storms through the crowd towards Randy and Julie, who start a food fight to slow Tommy down and facilitate their escape from the venue in Tommy's rented limousine.

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To be high-spirited and optimistic is a usual self for me and I am seldom out of sorts.

After Randy flits about the Valley for the next few days just so he can get a glimpse at Julie, Fred says he has a plan that will both reunite Randy with Julie and get revenge against Tommy.

A subplot involves Suzi and her stepmother, Beth, vying for the attention of a boy named Skip.

Julie asks her father for advice, and he kindly tells her she should follow her heart.

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Despite this, Julie reconciles with Tommy and later dumps Randy.Enter the world of unlimited free Latinas porn, and you are sure to stay with us for hours!