Peer guardian 2 lists not updating

13-Nov-2017 15:14

If you're sharing copyrighted music/video files and get sued by the relevant organizations, it's not our fault.

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This can cause software to not download new updates, Windows Update to no longer work, programs to lose connectivity to the internet, etc. What you'll need to do first is to identify the IP address(es) to which your software needs to connect. What is Peer Block's relationship with the old Peer Guardian program? If also looks at the IP address your network packets are going to, and does the same thing. It looks at the IP address this network "packet" is coming from, and compares is against a list of "bad" ip-addresses; if it finds a match, it doesn't let that network packet make it through to the rest of your computer.Your "Permanent Allow List" can be edited later by going into the List Manager, selecting the "Permanent Allows" list (lists\permallow.p2b), then clicking the "Open List" button.

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If you select the "Always hide tray icon" option in the Settings panel, the tray icon for Peer Block will disappear.

So I started up this Peer Block project to fix all those things that'd been annoying me for so long. ) actually respond to new bug reports or feature requests. As Peer Block and PG2 both operate the same way, and in fact share a lot of code, they could conflict with one another and cause all sorts of strange behavior (including Windows crashes).

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