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Also See: 8 Best Dual Dash Cams for Cars, Taxis, and Uber The dash cam memory cards wear out faster than any other camera.Dashcams are constantly writing on the memory card, all the time while you driving.This is an essential feature makes sure your camera will record each and every instant while you are on the road even the memory card reaches full capacity.The downside of this feature is that you have to move videos from your memory card to computer if you want to save those for the future before the Dash Cam overwrites on it.This is another cool feature that you should aware of.Usually, the camera will record video on the memory card, and it will stop recording when the memory card is full.This card also tested in harsh conditions and temperature-proof and shock-proof for dash cam use.Transcend High Endurance is the next choice, and costlier than Sandisk, that long hours of video recordings and playbacks.

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Related: Don’t Waste Money on these Dash Camera Optional Features unless it is required for you.

Your Dash camera is coming with a power cable to connect to your car’s 12V cigarette lighter power source.

This 12V socket will get power when you turn on your car ignition, and that will trigger dash camera, which is already connected to car’s power outlet.

But, If your camera has Loop Recording feature, then this feature let the camera to overwrite on the memory card on top of previously recorded videos.

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The advantage is, you don’t want to manually delete or format the memory card whenever it gets full.This Buying Guide will help you to invest on right Dash Cam Model and avoid spending money for any unwanted features.