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If it’s good we’ll put your name forward.” “If not? “Well, there’s a certain level of maturity in this role. I assume you can handle that.” “I can, but if I….” “If it doesn’t work out Columbia ask may answer a long held James Bond theory. She really wanted to push her project forward, but Megan was correct in that she lost her Hollywood credit lately. Speak with Jade on the way out and we’ll set something up in the next few days.” Megan stood up and pulled her up out of chair. She didn’t think there would be sex on the first meeting, but there would be in the future. The futa girl merely nodded as Jade came forward and kneeled before her. ” She tickled just under the head as it surged forth to its full length.

Enough time has passed that no one will believe Lindsay as college aged.” Megan paused and brushed some of luxurious hair back over her shoulders. I’m thinking we can pitch you as a fellow teacher or office worker. A queen bee if you will.” “I can do that….” The blonde replied, still twirling her hair. I’m going to schedule a meeting with you and Lindsay to see your interactions.

After a crazy long delay, the next chapter is written. Description: Megan Fox becomes a talent agent, with all the perks. “Okay, I have my doctor to call, she’ll keep everything hidden.” Megan studied Amanda one last time and left the room. Instinctively a hand went to one of her dyed blonde curls and started playing with it. “I think the movie studios will be amenable to having you in some major roles if you show bankability.” “I can manage that.” She replied nervously. We have a big project coming up and we’ll be needing talent. The tall black woman alternated between gentle stroking and giving a fast twisting pull. Her eyes locked forward on the screen when she felt Jade’s tongue come out. “Then when you were near your release, you’d rip your cock out, flip her over, and unload.” “Ung…..” “Jets of cum would stream out of your dick, painting her nubile body with your seed. Let it pour down that valley of cleavage she…” Megan yelled out in orgasm as her cock erupted. The first shot caught Jade by a surprise, and across her face.

I had a large amount of writers block going into the final part of this chapter, hence the delay. Amanda’s looks and behavior as of late were becoming troubling. “That’s right.” “Your last few spots here are direct to DVD, made for TV, and guest appearances. It was a little cruel, and yes she was almost at that point just months before. I think you could right for it, and it could be a big success and boost for your career.” The trap was set. The pink appendage traced itself along the bulbous head and across the slit. “Let those tits drag across the surface until you’re ready to release! Subsequent shots she took in her mouth, wrapping her lips as best as she could around the bucking beast.

A fine personal trainer, confidant, massage therapist and yoga instructor; it seemed there was nothing the black haired British beauty couldn’t do. Tell her it’s Megan Fox.” Megan rolled her eyes, going through the office manager was like pulling teeth. Megan slowly rotated her neck around as she watched Arnold and some chick fight.

A thanks also goes to Money for pushing me to post here. If they did, I might be compelled to pay more attention to them. ” She patted Megan’s crotch “Ummm….” Megan furrowed her brow in concentration. That’s hard to come back from.” “I didn’t see a body bag did you? “So basically, Kelly has been plotting revenge this whole time and now springs a trap? “Okay, I’ll read it and I’ll see if I get any bites. However, you did the World is Not Enough and things just go downhill.” Denise gulped nervously, she expected a thrashing. Image after image flashed by as Jade yanked on her cock. ” Megan gripped the armrests with all her might, threatening to rip them off the chair.Her weight regime was really paying off and she was every bit a fitness star. Her Irish father however, gave her a pair of brilliant green eyes that seemed mesmerizing. Naturally dark curly hair, with one streak of Irish red, completed her look. ” “That’s what I said over the phone, but she wouldn’t listen.” The black haired woman stared at the ceiling again. ” Her words said massage, but her eyes and tone said otherwise. Justin Bieber has gone missing so she’s going to fill in at the I Heart music awards.” She pursed her lips thoughtfully, “Why do I feel like those are related. ” “You’ll see.” One last turn and they came up to the door. “Once you’re done Amber Lindsay will take care of your needs. We want to keep everything contained for right now. Lohan’s behavior has improved since you went on the trial, also her body is repairing itself from her previous drug behavior. Really she was looking for something mindless to watch, something that wouldn’t take a lot of brainpower.Megan had considered switching bottles once and trying Avril’s Curvoma, but she feared losing her curves, and even worse her cock. Maybe she should install a mirror up there so she could admire her form. “Alright, that ought to be exciting.” Jade moved forward and stood at the side of the desk. Megan felt her cock answer but she had to cut it off at the pass. Even if Megan didn’t know which room, she could easily identify it from the sounds emerging from it. Lindsay, ransack the room and find her pill hiding spot. Flipping past Plan 9 she ended up on the typical of 80s movies.Her professionalism told her to drop her, as she was no longer marketable, but there was part of Megan that did care for the train wreck of an actress. I’m buying.” “Whatever you want boss.” Jade smiled. It hovered there, as if trying to gain entry before pulling back. ” “Mmm….” “Those breasts bouncing with every movement. “You want to bend her over and rip those shorts right off of her! Megan’s voice went hoarse as her orgasm faded, the last shot feeblishly causing her cock to twitch. I….oooh…..” Jade disconnected herself from the deflating cock, a smile across her cum splattered face.

“Alright, I’ll keep an eye on her.” Lindsay said, moving further into Amanda’s room. You may be pleased to know that Curvoma-C is nearing its testing point. **** “You have to understand, this is not something I normally do.” “I know, but people I’ve spoken to said that you’re the best for this.” The woman in the red dress replied. You know people.” Denise Richards practically shouted at her. Megan groaned at the pleasure, but suddenly spasmed for the desk when she saw the picture before her. Those shorts pulled taut across her ass as she runs.” Jade began to stroke mercilessly, her hands a blur across the cocks’ length. “Mmm…was a good one….probably don’t have to eat dinner now.” She grabbed some nearby towels and cleaned her face off then dutifully cleaned her still panting employer. ” “No…that’ll be all thank you.” Megan managed to fumble out.Lindsay made an annoyed face, “Honey, Paris Hilton called me a fire crotch, and it’s completely true. “Maybe you should give her some treatments.” Megan felt a stirring in her loins as she watched Lindsay started to frig herself. Dutifully, she sunk in while refusing to let her fingers idle across her sex. Lindsay of course didn’t notice, but Megan watched as Avril held up her bikini bottoms and dropped them to the side.

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