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who specializes in romantic relationships and marriage counseling, says that a healthy approach depends on consent and motivation.

A healthy motivation might be trying to find your partner in a densely crowded area, or keeping tabs on someone with potentially hazardous health concerns.

“Once you became matched with someone, there was no pressure to do or say anything,” Mosser says.

As many as 11% of American adults have used an online dating site of some type, including Match, e Harmony, and OKCupid.

An unhealthy motivation might be possessive feelings.

Adam and his girlfriend did eventually swap coordinates.

It’s like a luxury.”For my relationship, location-sharing simply helps reduce boring-ass communication with my partner. I know that’s something people never think about, their smartwatch or Fit Bit.” (We certainly will from now on, Dr.

When you feel a pocket buzz and see your beloved’s name bubble appear, it’s nice to retain hope the message may hold a saucy photo—or at the very least, a sweet note—as opposed to an ETA demand. And honestly, if you’re dating someone hell bent on uncovering your heinous crimes against monogamy, fear not—they will find a way, with or without GPS tracking. D’Arienzo says one defendant searched his wife’s i Phone heart rate records to determine exactly when she was boning other people during their marriage. “Because he knew when she worked out and when her heart rate would have been up. D' Arienzo.)With GPS tracking apps we've been handed great power, and with great power comes great responsibility not to be a possessive nutcase.

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We have nothing to hide and don’t feel either party abuses the privilege.For others, I’ve learned, location sharing oversteps healthy, necessary boundaries.“If two people need to keep tabs on one another like this, outside of genuine safety concerns, then maybe they should talk more and rely on technology less,” said my friend Jason, who has been with his partner for 11 years.

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