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06-Jul-2017 09:53

In this article we've put together a list of our favourites, so you can grab your gamepad and level up your i OS gaming experience.

Read next: Best i Phone & i Pad games 2017 | Best free i Phone games | Best free i Pad games To be sure a controller is compatible with your i Device, it's best to make sure it's certified as MFi, which stands for Made for i Phone/i Pod/i Pad - a licensing programme run by Apple, which guarantees that third-party gamepads can be paired with your i OS device.

In response to this, many mobile gamers choose to use separate game controllers with their i Phones or i Pads, in order to recapture the tactile joy and solid physical buttons of console or arcade gaming.

Once you've chosen a controller (here's our guide to the best MFi game controllers for i Pad & i Phone), the next question is, which are the best games for MFi controllers and gamepads?

As an added bonus you can even play it on your Apple TV.

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It looks fantastic and has thumping techno beats to match, and like Real Racing 3, mentioned later in this article, there's a precision upgrade to using a gamepad.Obstacle-based puzzles appear, occasionally of a traditional sort (crates, platforms and lifts) but often in forms that will remind you of a particularly bleak nightmare.