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25-Jun-2017 18:31

The big difference between the two is the pathway to great sex, which is different for men and women. Through having sex with his woman, he opens more emotionally and connects.

Sex and lovemaking has the potential to be either the most delicious or the most dissatisfying aspect of your life.Just by taking the time to talk and listen to her, she feels closer to you, and more open to other things… Attention and affection go a long, long, long way, guys, together with your appreciation of her, as an individual and as a woman. And women love to look forward to things ” allude to a special surprise at a certain time. Feeling her man's hands caressing her whole body can be a great turn on for a woman.TIP: Call her throughout the day to say you love her, organise a weekend away just for the two of you, surprise her with a single rose and tell her what you love about her. And remember, foreplay begins after your last lovemaking session!Not only that, but when a woman is pleasured first, the man’s fire is still burning strong.

If he is first, the fire is usually extinguished – and she can feel it.To get there, here's what they are looking for, which are my 6 hot tips to better, more frequent sex: For women, sex is like the glue in the relationship. For most women, the emotional is indivisible from the physical, and the emotional precedes the physical .