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06-Sep-2017 18:39

You're not the only one playing video games well into the night to get that chick at the office out of your head.

It's tough to suppress that natural "hunter" instinct.

That changed the day he spotted an unused condom in her purse. That night they had a long, frank conversation about their relationship.

Neither wanted to end it, but both agreed their desire to experiment with others wasn't something they were ready to abandon just yet.

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When his wife was pregnant with their first child, he stopped, but he resumed three months after she gave birth to their son."Men have to under- stand that women are loyal," he says, perhaps naively."If she gets something she likes, she'll stick with it." "People are stuck on what's normal, what's right, what's wrong," Pitbull adds. A couple from Kansas probably can't even begin to imagine the kind of stuff I've done or the type of relationship I have."It was painful," says Karen*, "but the fact that we could be so honest with each other, I think, made our love stronger." Full disclosure allowed them to clear the quiet tension that had been building between them.

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They now have an understanding but don't discuss the details.Both types of relationships can survive, but you have a lot of minefields to overcome to make it happen." Philip Gale*, a 28-year-old Hollywood agent who lives in Los Angeles, learned that the hard way.

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