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And you don't have to call a doctor — unless he's hot, of course. Sergeant Miles needs to piss really bad and runs into a convenience store to take care of business. Your hard-on lasts much, much more than four hours!

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When Teddy can't get any harder, he bends Rikk over and after priming his hairy asshole with spit for lube, he rams his monster cock all the way into the muscle stud.Cock Punched is not just a movie, but a way of life at Eric Videos. The session ranges from pure phallic worship to hardcore skull-fucking.ALEKS hangs on for dear life while RAY-THE-STALLION doesn’t just mouth-fuck him, he mind-fucks him, jibber-jabbering his wildman sex talk non-stop.'What ends up happening is a lot of trans women in porn have to go off hormones to perform,' she explained.

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'And obviously doing that is super harmful to your body.But Chelsea said she won't deal with being considered a fetish. If you like my porn, you're liking a woman's porn,' she said.