Dating someone hiv positive

20-Sep-2017 20:05

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"Human beings are built to respond to stressors," says Richter.

From as early as just 20 weeks old, she explains, a foetus is responsive to shocks in its environment.

"It's called stilling - if there's a loud noise like a gunshot in the house, something that will shock the mother, that stress response will hit the baby and it will still, the metabolism will slow down." A two-year-old toddler can feel embarrassed or shy, and notice when others are anxious or sad.

They know when a parent is angry and that they must be still and quiet," says Richter. " he asked her when he finally came home the next day.

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"Over the last three or four decades, we've seen more and more research that shows that from nearly as young as six children have a capacity to understand perhaps not that death is permanent, but the basic biology around illness." Now, Rochat says many psychologists recommend that parents living with serious illnesses ranging from HIV to cancer be open with their children from as early as possible in communicating what's happening to their bodies. The director of the university's Centre of Excellence in Human Development, Richter says that although families are on the frontline of HIV prevention, the focus has tended to be on treating individuals "as if one's health status, one's sense of the future and the sacrifices one has to make are unrelated to other people".

But for parents faced with having the conversation, it's a daunting task. But a parent's diagnosis affects the entire household.

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Nokuthula's 12-year-old, born HIV negative, has seen her mother taking medication but hasn't asked any questions about it. "I think she thinks it's for my arthritis," says Nokuthula. Maybe when she's 16 or 17." Nearly half of the estimated seven million HIV-positive South Africans are now on antiretroviral treatment, according to the United Nations Joint Programme on Aids.

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