Dating and waiting for marriage radiant life series

15-Oct-2017 11:03

Laurie was still sitting on the side of the bed when I climbed in behind her and began messaging her shoulders. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back slightly, and moaned softly in pleasurable satisfaction. Despite my original plans just to curl up with her that night, I detected the familiar stirrings of physical arousal. Those quotes should have been the first clue that some plan was in motion, but of course I was oblivious to it.

That led me to begin a few gentle caresses lower down, provocatively brushing against her breasts. She was thinking of herself as the Wild Thing all right, but the wild time was not to be that night.

Oh well, Doc Brown had yet to publish the solution to that "other mystery of the universe--women! Some may wonder how it affects me when Laurie says no. Emotions are such slippery devils--so difficult to pin down and define precisely.

One thing is certain: I have never felt any resentment or rejection.

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And it did not do so that night--I was simply planning to go to bed and snuggle together with my arm around her. Put your arm around me and...'come on and hold me tight.'" She mimicked that seductive tone of the Troggs. That was the second time that evening she had quoted an old rock-n-roll song.She put her arm around me and pulled me as close to her as she could.