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17-Aug-2017 19:25

The newest standard for cable modems is DOCSIS 3 — although DOCSIS 3.1 is coming soon. Check with your cable provider to see if your connection uses DOCSIS 3.

DOCSIS 3 can have data download rates of 160 megabits per second, or better — four times faster than DOCSIS 2. If your neighborhood network isn't up-to-date, a new cable modem can wait.

A standalone router is easier to place where you want, which means a better signal.

Don't forget what happens if one part of the gateway goes kaput.

Stand-alone wireless routers are more powerful and have more features.

A gateway is tethered to the wall with a short coaxial cable.

In fact, you probably haven't thought about yours since it was installed.

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If anything goes wrong with it, the company will usually fix it or replace it for no charge. The downside is that you're on the hook if something goes wrong with it.To check the hardware version of your device please click here.For example, if you have an Archer C7 version 4, you would choose version 4.To find out what kind of a modem you have, visit the modem manufacturer's website. This information should be on the bottom or back of the modem.

Even if you've determined that you should upgrade, you aren't done yet. You can buy an excellent DOCSIS 3 modem for -0. But the longer you keep the modem, the more you save.You should also be able to use it with another provider if you move.