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24-Jul-2017 06:33

"Adrian Fenty is one of our country's great advocates for education reform," Jobs said in a statement at the time.

"His sense of urgency and record of accomplishment is unparalleled." On January 14 this year, he announced that he was separating from his wife Michelle after 15 years of marriage. Despite inheriting some billion dollars after her husband of 20 years died of pancreatic cancer in October 2011, Jobs has kept a low profile. Lauren and Steve Jobs married in a Buddhist ceremony in Yosemite National Park in 1991.

“Laurene Powell Jobs remains a significant shareholder in the Walt Disney Co.

after divesting a portion of her holdings as part of normal long-term financial planning and portfolio diversification,” an Emerson Collective rep said in a statement.

It was on that site that she and a team of tutors and counselors helped about two dozen local teenagers not just get into college but find a way to pay for it, and work their way to a degree.

In another mile, we pull up to the current College Track location, a gorgeous new mural-covered building that, inside, feels more like a very nice community college than a place to go after school to do your homework.

“It was an inviolate rule; we would always eat dinner together,” she says, “and Steve would always be home.”As we cross the highway and enter East Palo Alto, the trees disappear, and the houses become markedly smaller.

East Palo Alto is one of those American places that have experienced the downside of cities’ being sorted by race and class: a prolonged disinvestment; its sole public high school closed in 1976 and demolished two decades ago.

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"His private legacy with me and the kids is that of a husband and father," she told Brian Williams in a rare interview in April.

Since then, students—first predominantly black and now increasingly Hispanic—have been bused to other neighborhoods.

“We used to be right there,” Powell Jobs says, meaning College Track, the college-preparatory nonprofit that she cofounded in 1997 as a storefront operation in a down-and-out neighborhood called Whiskey Gulch, which is now full of sparkly office buildings and a Four Seasons.

“Such diversification is part of Powell Jobs’ philanthropic and impact investing efforts through her firm, Emerson Collective LLC, which focuses on education, immigration and the environment.” Last year Emerson Collective acquired a minority stake in management-production company Anonymous Content, whose productions include “Mr.

Robot” and Oscar-winning film “Spotlight,” and also has invested in Macro, a production venture launched by former WME agent Charles King.Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, may have met another match.

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