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08-Jul-2017 18:25

What was once curiosity has turned into hatred and fear.In 2005, two years after the US invasion of Iraq, I faced the possibility of not being able continue my education due to the deteriorating security in Baghdad.I thought those questions were normal and it was my duty to educate these students on all things Arab.When the questions kept coming, I realized that the meaning behind them ran much deeper than superficial ignorance.I hid my anger behind a sarcastic exterior: Every time someone asked why we did not stop ISIS I'd tell them, "Hold on a minute while I call them and tell them to stop." I felt that if I got visibly angry at those extremely ignorant and incredibly offensive questions, I would be putting myself in danger and solidifying my place as a terrorist in the askers' minds.

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As much as we refugees appreciate this intention, the very fact that we are expected to be guilty until proven or, in this case, turned innocent is demeaning and racist. These questions started to weigh on me; my once calm and collected demeanor became an angry one.My options were limited — either stay in Baghdad and confront the dangers of every-day bombs and shootings or ask for help. When faced with the decision of choosing my own safety or this tainted version of my home, I chose safety.

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