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12-Sep-2017 20:33

Neil Martin Sachman was yesterday sentenced to six years and one month jail for the July 25 attack on the teenager, for stalking offences committed against a Busselton woman over several months in late 20 and for traffic matters.

Security camera footage shows how Sachman stalked the girl, who had been shopping south of Perth, after he boarded a train at Bull Creek.

She has ongoing anxiety, anger and depression." Sachman was on bail for stalking offences in Busselton when he molested the girl.

The court was told how Sachman made sexually explicit and threatening phone calls to a woman once described as a friend who owed him 0.

Also sentenced for stalking a woman between November 2008 and April 2009 and some driving offences/ breaching suspended sentence.

News (6-4-2011)- A young father who was filmed stalking a 14-year-old girl on a Perth train before he dragged her into secluded bush in Greenwood and molested her has been jailed.

Dreams about cheating, either being cheated on or cheating yourself, are some of the most commonly reported, and most troubling, dreams there are.

Many people take these dreams as prophecies, and accuse their spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend of cheating in real life.

When a dream of a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend turns out to be accurate, it does not necessarily mean you are psychic.Instead, the fear could be anything, from fear of failure on a project at work to fear of failing a test at school.The fear expressed through a boyfriend/girlfriend cheating dream could also be the manifestation of a deep seated childhood fear of abandonment.It is possible that your unconcious took note of all these signals during the day, and then used your dream state to send a message.

In most cases, however, a dream about a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is not about the spouse at all.

So whether you are the cheater or the cheatee in your dream, it is important to examine the situations you encounter in your dreams.

The researchers found that if they assumed tooth enamel radiocarbon content to be determined by the atmospheric level at the time the tooth was formed, then they could deduce the year of birth.… continue reading »

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The number of Syrians fleeing to Jordan is plummeting in the face of what activists describe as the regime’s renewed attempts to tighten its hold over the border region.… continue reading »

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Part travel show, part culinary adventure, Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown is best described as chicken soup for the soul.… continue reading »

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A new clasp was introduced in 1975, the slide clasp, which was a flat oblong shape with the patent number 3,427,691 on one side and the Haskell signature in block capitals on the other. Modern necklaces now have toggle clasps and lobster clasps, in addition to box clasps and hooks.… continue reading »

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