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Mitigating against email header injection involves validating user input to not allow any newline characters in the input which would cause another SMTP header to be appended.

In general, when validating user input, the simplest and most robust way to achieve strong input validation is through a whitelist of allowed characters for use in the SMTP headers.

In order to detect Email Header Injection automatically, we’ll need to rely on an intermediary service since the detection of such a vulnerability requires an out-of-band and time-delay vector.

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The beauty of these elements is that you can use them now: for browsers that don't support a particular input type, there is automatic fallback to standard textfields.

JSF is the standard Java EE technology for building web user interfaces.

It provides a powerful framework for developing server-side applications, allowing you to cleanly separate visual presentation and application logic.

The first half of the book thoroughly explains the basic building blocks from using standard JSF tags, to working with data tables, and converting and validating input.

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Advanced tasks such as event handling, extending the JSF framework, and connecting to external services are covered in the second half of the book.

The final chapter provides solutions to a variety of common challenges, including notes on debugging and troubleshooting, in addition to implementation details and working code for features that are missing from JSF.