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01-Nov-2017 23:08

Grant) slips into a tailspin after his wife Amanda (Carrie-Ann Moss) leaves him and their 20-year marriage behind.Luckily, his teenage son, Justin (Johnny Pacar), comes to the rescue with a makeover that transforms Ben into the most popular man in town.So is this the most transgressive thing a female artist can do in 2012: be fat, naked, and unashamed on TV?

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Luckily, his teenage son, Justin (Johnny Pacar), comes to the rescue with a makeover that transforms Ben.

Alternately fun and dragging I have to say that I did enjoy this movie.

There she is, again and again, hiding behind spackle-like make-up and prosthetics, frump and fright wigs, lumpy costumes and swollen rubber breasts. Her work is about many different things at once, which is why it’s good, but one thing it’s almost always about, whether Sherman is subverting pin-up poses or dissecting the vanities of middle- and upper-class portraiture, is women’s bodies: the way they present themselves to the world, and the way they are commoditized, coveted, abhorred by others—i.e., “the construction of female identity, established through visual codes like dress, hair, and makeup,” as Mo MA’s catalog puts it, employing a language, Artspeak, not yet recognized by Google translate.

Another Sherman subject: femininity “as an erotic construct and fetish of the male gaze”—i.e., my own translation, hotness.But after his eyes are opened to just how superficial his life has become, Ben decides to give it all up for one last chance at true love.

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