Who is tenley from the bachelor dating

14-Aug-2017 08:51

But for me, I had no expectations, and I took everything by stride, and it ended up being something so good for me. Your Tango: What do you think of Juan Pablo as the? Tenley Molzahn: I'm actually pleasantly surprised because I didn't really know how I felt about him.

I really like Renee [Oteri;] I think she and I could be pals, so I look at her like that …

When the sunny reality TV star touched down in Toronto for Eligible magazine’s TIFF Bachelor Party, we couldn’t wait to find out what prompted her to hit the beach with her fellow former contestants.

While we weren’t surprised to learn that Tenley’s as energetic as she appears, we didn’t expect her to tell us that her latest Bachelor appearance was her favourite..

I recently talked to him when Gia [Allemand, former contestant] passed away because he was struggling, and we all were having a hard time.

He had reached out, and we had a really nice talk that was probably several years overdue.

I have a bit of FOMO, major fear of missing out, so on I liked to be social and hang out. I actually love keeping busy, but it was nice to take a break in a way.