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05-Jul-2017 06:55

Other prescription medications used to treat insomnia include: Many alternatives to Remeron are linked to worrisome side effects like cognitive impairment.

A quick inspection of Remeron's binding affinities gives a clue about why Remeron improves sleep quality and effectively treats insomnia.

Sleep-wake dysregulation may be a core feature of depression. Does pre-existing insomnia contribute to the development of depression? While it remains unclear, Remeron ranks #1 because it is a dual sleep aid and antidepressant.

The Lancet is basing their antidepressant rankings on the HAMD – the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression.

Remeron shines in patients suffering from both depression and a sleep disorder.

Please refer to this study by its Clinical identifier (NCT number): NCT00826943 Devalia JL, De Vos C, Hanotte F, Baltes E.

But it is an unwanted side effect if you’re prone to daytime fatigue.