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18-Nov-2017 13:38

No one is perfect, but this perfection is in her eyes– when a girl decides you’re perfect, you then are. Punjabi families are quite diverse and depending on her upbringing she will have different values – make sure you’re aware of things like whether she drinks, what her food preferences are, how comfortable she is with physical contact and all that.

Having grown up in the cocoon of loved ones’ compliments and pampering, desi girls have a lot of self-respect and are equally sensitive. In fact knowing a bit of her could be your mission throughout the date.

Here’s the reason why they’re beautiful ‘inside-out’: While looks are an important thing, they’re not the only things girls have as factors when choosing partners.

You could have great assets and talents that could easily have her overlook things that you can’t change.

That means there are about 56.5 million Punjabi women in the world.Tell you what, leave this to her – and if she’s not decided yet, which is possibly (and hopefully!) going to be the case, trust your intuition and suggest a place with confidence. Desi girls don’t just like spice in food, they like it in everything – be it conversation talk, movies, news, rumors, you name it.One thing to remember though, being manly does not mean being arrogant and cocky, but being polite and respectful.

But don’t worry too much if you don’t fall into those categories.

The people are Aryan, Parthian, Scythian, maybe Turkish, Greek, British, Jewish to a much less degree and more.