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18-Jul-2017 09:34

He looked me straight in the eye and made me blush with pure shame as he laughed “I think you’re starting to enjoy this, aren’t you Emma”.

Then he cupped my breast and teased my erect nipple between his fingers, “quite a dark horse aren’t you” he carried on playing with my boobs…

“Don’t mind me” he smiled and proceeded to get something to wear for tomorrow.

James just laughed at me sat with my mouth open in shock and told me to relax we were on holiday.

Sharon was always a bit more adventurous than me and had her fair share of boyfriends but Greg was not the usual type, she normally went for older guys with money.

She shocked me by saying how she was just using his body for a while and actually made me blush with some of the things she said they got up to.

In the evening we all went out for a drink and after a few pints, James laughingly told Greg about my costume.

After a couple of minutes, he proclaimed me “all done” and then I was told to go and put on my swimsuit for them all to see.

Meekly I walked upstairs and put it on, I seemed to be hypnotised to behave in this absurd fashion.

“That’s better,” he confirmed and then once more got the scissors to finish of properly he said.

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After being told to remain like that for the rest of the night and being made to fetch the drinks for everyone at last it was time for bed.

My ordeal was becoming more shameful by the minute but I could not protest and couldn’t believe I was so willing to go along with their obscene game.