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Local authorities employ a staff that is three-quarters female and deliver services which have a major impact on women's lives.

So when only 17% of their elected Leaders are women, it's clear that there are important questions to be asked.

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To get more women in to the roles, the Commission calls for all parties to for the first time set targets for getting more women councillors in, and make it a legal requirement to get 45 percent women candidates if they don’t make progress.

Gillian Keegan MP, co-chair of the Commission, said: “Being a councillor is so rewarding and offers a great opportunity to learn new skills.

They are the authors of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.

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Sam Smethers, Fawcett Society Chief Executive, said: “Local government is increasingly important for all our lives, but particularly for women.

Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl Wu Dunn talked about oppression against girls and women around the world.

In their remarks, the talked about their experiences watching young girls improve their lives.

Dame Margaret Hodge MP, co-chair of the Commission, comments: “I led a Council 25 years ago and I have been shocked during the course of this review to find how little has changed and how few improvements have been made towards equality in local government.

The way councils do business is still designed by, and for, men. Currently local government is not fit for purpose and does not work for women.” Other key findings: The report makes a number of recommendations to the Government, political parties, and local councils which would drive change.

Some have informal arrangements, but three quarters who responded to a Freedom of Information request said that they had nothing on offer for women councillors who get pregnant.

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