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His wife Julie was the epitome of a MILF—a tall leggy blonde with big tits that always seem to be screaming “Hi there! Alas I have no proof as such, I've just heard one to many innuendos and double entendra as well as catching a few strange stolen glances between the two of them to not have my suspicions. A blond preppy cheerleader type that always seemed to have way too much pep and giggled far more often than was healthy. And while I've known her since we were little and had seen her around school many a time, I never paid her much heed since I was a year older that her and was too good to talk to a seventh grader. We left after my dad got off work, late 5, almost 6 o'clock.It was a three hour drive to the lake, but we had to stop and help Mark's family load up first. I remember Anna greeting me with a smile while brushing her shoulder length hair behind one ear.I made the Mc Donald's exit just in time to see Anna's face in the window of her father's van as it smoothly glided out of the parking lot.In my mind I saw her smiling and licking the spoon clean and I could feel the soft touch of her hand upon mine.While loading the van with their “camping gear”, twice I thought I saw Anna watching me work.

A week away from civilization and that is all they brought.

Then I spot Anna, sitting alone at a small booth in the very corner. I even got a one of those sidelong “what's wrong with you” glances from a middle aged Mexican woman sitting in the booth beside us.