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It has remained in the possession of the Percy family, now the Dukedom of Northumberland, for over four hundred years.

The Royalist army occupied the house during the Battle of Brentford in November 1642.

A number of London’s street lamps are being adapted so they can also charge electric cars, making it easier for drivers to use the vehicles around the city.

German firm Ubitricity is working with a number of the capital's boroughs to install the streetlamps with energy efficient LEDs.

After the Conquest, successive Norman barons of the St Valeri family held the manor of Isleworth but there is no evidence that they ever lived there – it being held as a source of revenue and power.

One of the later barons gave several manorial rents and privileges to London's Hospital of St Giles.

He hopes this new charging method will provide a solution to these issues.

Bobbie Cheema, QC, prosecuting, told the court: 'This defendant is every woman’s nightmare - a man who arms himself with a knife and then prowls around late at night waiting for a lone female to attack.The exact location of this house is not recorded, but a report of an area long ago known as 'Moated Place' puts the likely place between the Northumberland Arms and Twickenham Road, with the watermill being near Railshead, on the River Crane (not where the traditional Isleworth mill 'Kidd's Mill', because the stream there is artificial and did not exist at that time).