Dating someone who is a recovering alcoholic

22-Aug-2017 00:49

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There are times when we need to sit down and have a solid conversation about what the other is feeling and thinking and try to express what our own experiences are like when it comes to alcohol.

If we’re going somewhere where there will be drinking, my boyfriend is great about asking me if I need him to pick up non-alcoholic beer, pop, or carbonated water.

On those occasions, I just tell him to go without me.

Though we enjoy spending time together, it’s still important for us to be our own people.

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On the rare occasion he gets drunk, I now realize it has nothing to do with me.Of course, this is helpful in any relationship, but I’ve found that it’s especially important when one person drinks and the other does not.No matter how well you may know one another, it’s not possible to read another person’s mind.He knows I feel more comfortable around people who are drinking as long as I have something tasty to drink as well.

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This isn’t ever something I specifically told him, but rather something he picked up on his own.On the other side, I have a hard time understanding what it’s like to be someone who can have a healthy relationship with alcohol.

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